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Detoxification/ Weight Loss

Purify Your Body ~ Free Your Mind

The world we live in today is making it become increasingly harder to avoid exposure to toxins. They are found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the everyday products we use and the food we eat. One example is when we think of eating healthy for the body we think of fish as a good source. Unfortunately due to the high amounts of toxins and heavy metals (like mercury) found in a lot of fish today you have to be careful of your selection at the market. It is getting harder to find seafood sources that are not contaminated. Below this paragragh are some links to websites for further information on the toxins found in our environment and food supply. 




Dr. Jeffrey has put together a natural detoxification/weight loss program that works extremely well. It is designed to support your organs that are under stress from trying to remove the toxins from your body. These important organs are your liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, skin, lungs and lymphatic system. The program has No Ephedra unlike some programs that promote weight loss. The supplements that you will be taking supplies your body with nutrition to support your particular needs. It is truly amazing what your body can do when it supported with the right nutrition.

To get started on your personalized detoxification program you can download and fill out the questionnaires A and B below. After you have filled out the questionnaires you can e-mail it to drrobertjeffrey@hotmail.com. When Dr. Jeffrey receives and reviewed it you will be contacted to set up a free brief consultation at his office or over the phone about doing the detoxification program.

3 - Step Detoxification Symptom Questionnaire A
3 - Step Detoxification Symptom Questionnaire B

Here are just a few of the many people who have benefited from this program:

I could not believe the inches that melted off my waist line! My wife had just bought a new pair of pants for me before I started the program. Three weeks later the same pair of pants was 2 inches too big! I don’t mind the fact I need to buy a new pair of much smaller pants. My energy levels have increased and I feel great! Thanks, Sam

You know how it is...those pounds sort of creep up on you and one day you see yourself in a picture and think "Who IS that fat person??" So, I was a little overweight, but I rarely got sick and hey, I FELT good. And then I took that Health Express Evaluation. I was so smug when I saw I was in the normal range...until I found out that was normal for someone twenty years older than me. Ahh, it was time for a change. I went on the detox diet and to be honest, because of so many years of popping Aleve and using Equal, that first week was rough. As my body detoxed, I FELT it. And then, miraculously, the next week came and I had more energy. Fruit tasted so much sweeter, vegetables were more flavorful and I found I didn't miss added salt or sugar. Best of all? I was rapidly dropping INCHES. By the end of three weeks I lost 11 inches overall! Yes, ladies, even that hard to lose flabby arm got thinner! The first night off the diet, I couldn't WAIT to have something "good." It turns out that was more psychological than anything else. Food tasted too salty or too sweet. I didn't need those additives anymore. And, amazingly, after eating a "regular" meal, my body actually craved being back on that dang diet! Two weeks after finishing, I'm still losing inches even though I'm not strictly following the diet anymore. I'll splurge and have an All American breakfast or some favorite dish at my favorite restaurant. But, for the most part, I find that I FEEL best when I limit those choices to just a couple of meals a week. And my whole family benefits too- we're ALL eating healthier now, and I can't think of a better gift to have given my kids then a longer, healthier life for all of us. - Sharon